We make Contract Embroidery sew easy.

Current Turnaround


10 Days

RGR Embroidery sews orders on a first ready - first sewn basis. Orders are not scheduled for production until all garments, required information, and approvals are received. Turnaround is calculated from date the order is scheduled for production.


72 Hours

Digitizing clock begins upon receipt of proper artwork with a purchase order.

RGR Embroidery is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale contract embroidery companies in the country.  With many years of digitizing and sewing experience, RGR Embroidery offers the finest embroidery and service in the industry.

What We Do...
We are a contract embroidery company, we are not your competition. We do not sell to end users and we do not stock or order garments for embroidery. By specializing in the embroidery process, we keep our turn around time to one of the lowest in the industry. We publish our current turn around time daily and we ship 99% of all orders on time. Our technology forward online order access system is unique to RGR and our customers giving them online access to their order status 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Every step of the embroidery process is communicated to you in real time so there are no surprises as to order pricing, garments rec'd, or ship date.

Contract Work

As a contract embroidery company we only sew  customer supplied garments and do not sell to end users. All customers must provide sales tax certificate exemption information prior to production on any order.


Quality begins with the mastery of details and we pride ourselves in being detailed to the last stitch. Each order is subject to multiple quality checkpoints to insure that our accuracy never waivers. 


RGR Embroidery completes all digitizing and embroidery under one roof enabling efficiency and more importantly accuracy of your order. This, with experience, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing, the value is unbeatable. 

So whether it is your first order or one of many, RGR Embroidery values the opportunity to service you and your company. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the utmost professionalism and highest standard of customer service available. At RGR Embroidery, you can expect quality, dependability, service and promptness, every time.


RGR Embroidery has the best service and the best quality in the business. We believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty and continued purchases. For this reason, all our customers are entered into our Frequent Embroidery Program (FEP). The great thing about our FEP is we do all the record keeping. All you have to do to get great savings is to keep on placing orders and convince your co-workers to place orders with us too.

The Embroidery Production Process


Embroidery in today's market has basically become a powerful advertising tool.  90% of our orders involve clients who are putting their business or product logo on garments for the purpose of getting their name out in the marketplace. In this respect, embroidery has become a powerful, inexpensive way to promote a product or business.


It all starts with an idea!!! The embroidery process begins with an idea or a piece of artwork. That artwork then has to be "digitized" which is the specialized process of converting 2 dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot take a particular format of art such as a jpeg, tif, eps, bmp, and convert it to an embroidery tape. 


Once the artwork has been digitized, it is then ready to be put into production.  Production embroidery is a very hands on process.  Before the process of sewing can begin, specific thread colors for each sewing head must be loaded. The garments must then be "hooped" individually, again by hand, and then loaded into the machine.


After the garments have been sewn, they go through a finishing process. During this step, the garments are inspected for quality, individually trimmed of excess backing material and excess threads, then folded and packaged ready for shipping to the end user. Customers have the option of polybagging which takes place in this step. Polybagging involves individually folding each garment and placing in into a plastic bag  preserving it from stains and dust.


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